Edi Quicksales


The Quick Sales system was designed and implemented by Price Reporter Inc., a US based software development company with many years of experience in business automation of small and midsize companies. Our expertise in Commercial and Government business is used to support more than 300 companies and in many ways we have been able to secure their business success.

Our company's philosophy is to listen to all of our client's needs and tailor the perfect solution to meet those needs. The QuickSales system is the hybrid of many solutions designed by some of the leading companies in the industry with the smartest business practices in mind.

All of our clients share a common goal: "Reduction of manual data entry (key strokes), and a more effective, smart and efficient business operation by means of automation". When a new idea is created by one of the users, it is usually released for all clients to use in future, improving the QuickSales system with every new request. We encourage our clients to share ideas that can help make the system even better. Through our Client's and team's expertise we have been able to develop this unique solution, the QuickSales system, providing you with the most smart and efficient way to deal with order management.